Certified Dog Groomer

Joy and Caroleann are a Mother/Daughter team
with over 52 years of combined dog grooming experience.

Primary Dog GroomerJoy began her grooming career after high school graduation, in 1972. Her first job was as an apprentice at White Oaks Kennels in New Jersey. White Oaks Kennels was a breeder of show quality cockers. She learned her profession while under the tutelage of Mrs. Spence , owner of White Oaks Kennels. Joy has received her Professional Pet Grooming Certification and has over 35 years' experience as a pet groomer.

secondary dog groomer Caroleann learned to groom cats and dogs at her mother side. She has been brushing out dogs since she was a little girl. After college Caroleann joined her mother grooming pets and has remained in the dog grooming business since. She began her full time pet grooming profession in 1995, and has 17 year's experience.

dog groomer 3 Pat   retired recently.

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