PawPrints is a full service pet styling salon. We cater to your pets every need. Our goal is to have your pet enjoy their stay. We shampoo, deep clean, and sooth their skin with top of the line conditioners to polish their coats. We hand fluff dry to remove old and tangled dead coat. Rubber brush and curry combs are used on short hair breeds to remove dead unwanted coat to simulate the skin. All pets receive ear cleaning with hair removal if necessary. Treats and water are offered throughout their entire stay at Paw Prints along with a variety of toys to keep them entertained.

Below are services we offer
"These are starting prices. Exact pricing is given when pet is seen."
We never sedate dogs or cats!
All Grooming Services include:
  • Complete brush and comb out
  • Hair Cut
  • Nails trimmed
  • Ears cleaned/Hair removed
  • Glands expressed
  • Bath with shampoo & conditioner according to coat
  • Fluff dried
  • Pads receive moisturizing cream(with spa treatment)
  • Feet, Face, Fanny are trimmed
  • Finishing sprays, bows, or bandannas
Cat Grooming (We love to do cats!)
Bath   Bath & Cut
30.00   45.00 - 55.00

Pricing by Breed (Bath and Cut) .
Caim, Cockapoo, Lhasa Apso 30.00  
Schnauzer, Pekingese, Poms 30.00  
Maltese, Scotties, Shih Tzu 30.00  
Bichon 39.00  
Sheltie 44.00  
Spitz 44.00  
Springer 45.00  
Cocker 39.00  
Poodles 30.00 to 70.00 depending on size  
*Collie, Sheep Dogs Akita 65.00 & Up  
Chows 65.00 - 75.00  
*Saint Bernard, Gr. Pyrenees 75.00 & Up  
Mixed Breed pricing depends on size and condition of coat.  
* Once a year shave down may be more  

Bath Only
Short Hair   Long Hair
XS 15.00   17.00
 S 18.00   21.00
 M 25.00   30.00
 L 35.00   40.00
XL 45.00   50.00

Other Services
Nails only 5.00  
Flea Dip with Grooming 5.00  
Spa Services 10.00 - 20.00